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What our customers say

"Overall I'm very happy with Imprint. I've used several MIS systems in the past and Imprint is far and away the best. You can tell that the system has been designed by printers because they understand our particular challenges. The information that Imprint provides has enabled me to make better informed commercial decisions than ever before".



“We’re delighted with Imprint and really pleased that the team has been able to design a bespoke package that takes into account all the requirements of our carton-based business, rather than just offering a generic ‘one size fits all’ solution. The system has been built from the ground up especially for our and many of our colleges in the industry’s needs and the result is a straightforward, simple design that will help us manage the specific needs of the business at the click of a single button.”  


'I was bowled over by what Imprint could do, it's not just a system to estimate for print, but actually a manufacturing system that could adapt, I would think, to any type of manufacturing. It is so flexible. The ease of being able to produce an estimate was what I really liked from that first demo.'


“We are provided with full details on every item in the factory, from estimate through to delivery, and our customers are always impressed with the real time information we can give them. Put simply, we could not function without the Imprint MIS team as our strategic partners.”


“With the Imprint team's patience and guidance we have created a flexible and stable system first time which looks to enable us to improve our processes and procedures throughout the company. Additionally, the versatility of MyData Reporting is Revolutionary. The best thing since sliced bread!”


"The transition from our old MIS was pretty smooth as we followed the advice given and took time and effort with our trainer to set up the system how it should be. Using the system has become second nature and we are all really happy with what we are able to do. One the most beneficial elemets of Imprint to us as a business has been the reporting capability. We can now produce KPI reports quickly and accurately for use in management reporting, feedback to our stakeholders and to monitor performance. We also have our online ordering website set up to automatically input into Imprint which works really well, this has cut down on admin time and improved on customer service. We would hate to revert back to manually booking in orders! We are currently working with Imprint on integrating another web to print solution with the system".


"Following a detailed review of generic, industry specific and in-house written software, Document Despatch chose to install the Imprint MIS to manage virtually all its operational systems".

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