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book production

Imprint’s MIS for Book production has been tried, tested and improved over many years by book printers, big and small. Imprint’s Book eXpert Estimating and Estimate Tendering modules closely link, quickly generating estimates for multiple formats, paginations and binding processes.

Bringing estimates through in to Imprint’s Works Instruction Ticket module make it quick and easy to make booking in of orders hassle free. When using Imprint’s Job Record Card module, repeat work can easily be tracked and repeat orders quickly created. Use of Imprint’s Production Control module makes scheduling and tracking of sections and other components of book production easy.

Imprint’s Pallet Tracking and Warehouse module provides reduces the need to physically search for book sections and components when coming to the binding and delivery processes. Imprint’s powerful MyData Report Generator accesses data from all areas of the system providing live job, estimate and performance reports straight to the Imprint Desktop.

Running live and displayed in data or graphical format with the ability to toggle between the two, reports can be targeted to specific users providing prompts for action to be taken.

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