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sentinelNet monitoring

The Imprint SentinelNet is a live, high performance, intelligent monitoring system that supplies real time data and costs for all presses and post press equipment where acurate monitoring of time and materials is required.

SentinelNet continuously monitors performance, automatically identifies standing time from running time, counts good and waste copies and maintains performance against a full range of Operation Codes and compares all this information to the targets set by Estimating via the Works Instructions.

SentinelNet has an automatic understanding of what is make-ready, what is running, what is an unexpected stoppage and downtime etc. The information is also live to the Production Control Planning Board and Imprints on-line factory viewing system, showing good copy counts and projected finish times, etc. If Imprints SentinelNet is attached to further machine processes, such as folding machines and binding lines, then the waste can be tracked throughout the production cycle.

The SentinelNet system is able to monitor jobs from start to finish giving real productions times, materials used and most importantly, real costs!

Imprint SentinelNet Machine Monitoring has the effect of bringing the whole MIS system to life. Factories on weekends or 24 hour shifts may be monitored live from a laptop at home.

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