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Imprint-MIS v18 has a wide range of fully customisable software solutions available for your business, click on a product below to find out more

imprint desktop

A fully customisable print MIS desktop window which allows you to pick and view the modules you want to see.

The v18 imprint desktop is a customisable window that each user uses logs into when using the Imprint system. Most tasks can be performed from the desktop without the need to go into different modules.

From the desktop users can view everything relevant to their customers and thier jobs. From here users can view estimates, job bags, invoices, contact messages, emails, delivery notes and any other relevant data.     

The imprint desktop makes the use of the system easy, quick and without masses of clicking. Fully customisable user to user, it gives access to exactly what is wanted. Reports and documents can also be assigned to the Desktop, as well as the full Contact Management and the diary system.

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eXpert estimating

v18 eXpert estimating automatically works out the most cost effective method of production and produces a quotation letter in seconds by analysing and selecting the best printing process and finishing route for the job in question.

Incorporating impositions, it will work out from an outline specification the most cost effective method of production, completing an entire estimate in seconds. 

Because it works from imposition layouts, sheet sizes are calculated taking into account grips, trims, leaves, gutters, binding laps and trim, etc. with the option to create JDF data from information created within the estimate.

eXpert estimating is a powerful product that will immediately transform any estimating department.

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production control

Imprint’s production control actually looks and feels like a traditional production board and is very easy to use. It is a multi-user system, so move an item on one screen and it moves on the others. It can work standalone or live to the rest of the system by using our Shop Floor Data Capture and SentinelNet Machine Monitoring.

A time indicator moves across the T-cards as the job progresses. The display moves with time, so users can realistically drive a large wall mounted plasma screen.

Imprint's production control also has a clever way of handling short run jobs, usually a shortcoming with old style chart systems.

production control can also handle multiple sites, a wide variety of plant, shift and overtime patterns, schedule multiple component and sections and can handle large amounts of digital jobs as easily as conventional litho.

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myData reporting

MyData is a very powerful reporting tool that reads directly from the database with data and graphical reports running live with the option to easily to create your own amazing bespoke reports.

The myData report generator is a simple to use data extraction and reporting tool and has been designed with the printer in mind. You do not need to have advanced report writing skills as is so often the case with other systems although more advanced users can integrate SQL queries seamlessly into reports with Imprint’s standard integration set.

MyData works in real-time, so as the jobs/estimates/customers change, so do the reports, providing your staff with up to the minute data to run your departments and supply you with the data to run your business.

Using Imprint's myBusiness hub module, you can view multiple live KPI reports on one screen from which you can drill down to discover the detail behind the information enabling you to keep your ‘finger on the pulse’.

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sentinelNet monitoring

The Imprint SentinelNet is a live, high performance, intelligent monitoring system that supplies real time data and costs for all presses and post press equipment where acurate monitoring of time and materials is required.

SentinelNet continuously monitors performance, automatically identifies standing time from running time, counts good and waste copies and maintains performance against a full range of Operation Codes and compares all this information to the targets set by Estimating via the Works Instructions.

SentinelNet has an automatic understanding of what is make-ready, what is running, what is an unexpected stoppage and downtime etc. The information is also live to the Production Control Planning Board and Imprints on-line factory viewing system, showing good copy counts and projected finish times, etc. If Imprints SentinelNet is attached to further machine processes, such as folding machines and binding lines, then the waste can be tracked throughout the production cycle.

The SentinelNet system is able to monitor jobs from start to finish giving real productions times, materials used and most importantly, real costs!

Imprint SentinelNet Machine Monitoring has the effect of bringing the whole MIS system to life. Factories on weekends or 24 hour shifts may be monitored live from a laptop at home.

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order processing

This fully integrated purchasing system may be set up for individual based or centralised buying and multi currency transactions. The ability to design many styles of purchase document; the use of template phrases with free typing areas; plus direct e-mailing and the ability to read the full order from the archive at any time, making this one of the easiest and most practical of programs in daily use.

Purchases and their invoiced values automatically post to the Job Cost Sheets. Estimated information is then integrated into a Works Instruction and can be ‘dragged’, or integrated directly, into a Purchase Order. 

Purchases for Stock (Raw Materials or Finished Goods) pull in the description and last known value from the stock card and automatically posts the order details back to the audit trail. Stock cards and the Supplier cards show outstanding purchase orders on their viewing screens. 

Imprints MyData Report Generator collects data fields together from all over the system and the Document Generator can present the data in text and graphic manner. 

Invoices received are checked and verified against the orders and goods received and then batch transferred to the accounts purchase and nominal ledgers

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stock control

Raw Material Stock Control is another logical and easy to use program. But look deeper and you will find a depth of control and tracking second to none. It is closely integrated with Estimating, Purchasing, Costing, Production and Waste Control and is based upon the requirements of ISO9000.

On first-in-first-out principles it will show current stock balances and values with an audit trail of all transactions. There is full batch traceability from an end product back to its source via whatever machines it was produced on. It will also show the history of all other jobs produced from that same original batch.

The Imprint MyData Report Generator and Document Generator programs can take any of the data from the Stock Cards and their audit trails and produce any number of colour and graphical presentations. Both for internal purposes and as letters to suppliers etc. 

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warehouse tracking

The Imprint Warehouse/Tracking system allows sites to be configured into identifiable areas and to track movement and current position of stock, finished stock, work-in-progress, e.g. sections, direct mail items, etc. within those areas.

The system which can handle multiple sites, can be configured site to site in a variety of ways, from very simple areas, white paper warehouse, machine room, despatch, etc. to very detailed layouts, warehouse, area, bay, rack, shelf, etc.

It can operate using fixed Shop Floor Data stations, or by mobile hand-held wireless palm computers.

Bar-coded pallet /box labels are produced by the system including Shop Floor Data Capture station, if the item does not already have one. All an operator has to do is shoot the barcode on the pallet or box, and shoot the barcode on the area wall or shelf. The position of the item is then logged back to the main system.

An enquiry window allows users to locate items very quickly by a range of criteria: stock code, job number, section, picking-note for Finished Stock, etc.

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finished stock

The primary function of Finished Stock Control is to manage all printed stock and consignment stock held either on behalf of customers or for direct re-sale. This program is so closely integrated with all Works Instructions, Delivery Notes and Invoicing that it provides a fast, seamless Stock movement system greatly reducing the opportunity for human error. 

All the features of Raw Materials Stock also apply to this program; first-in-first-out full audit trail; batch control and traceability; the Imprint sort-filter-find engine and full integration with Report and Document Generators. 

Finished Stock call-offs can be received and entered either manually or through edi and web to print orders to generate picking notes. These picking notes may be viewed and completed electronically through Imprint’s Warehouse module.

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data capture

Shop Floor Data Capture offers more individual and immediate advantages, in one hit, than any other. It should no longer be regarded as an option but as an essential part of a fast moving, accurate and effective Management Information System.

  • Operatives no longer use their time struggling to complete a manual time sheet each day.
  • Accuracy of the data captured exceeds anything available from manual time sheets.
  • No office time is wasted each day keying in the hand written time sheets.
  • Live viewing on screen of the current position of every job, of every collection centre and of every operative (updating every 11 seconds). Particularly useful to Production Controllers.

Environmentally protected, diskless, PC’s are used as terminals.With a full-screen colour monitor and a choice of input devices; Keyboards, Barcode readers, Pressure pads, or Touch screens. All data is captured live to the central file server so that an individual terminal can be turned off, or temporarily used for other purposes without any loss.

Full screen monitors allows for far better error checking of the input; permits viewing of the Works Instructions and allows alterations to be flagged direct to operators.

The Production Controller can use any terminal to gain access to the Planning Board or any other part of the system (via his password): and does not have to return to the office to find the next job due on press and whether the paper is ready.

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imprint online

Imprint online (IOL) is the new exciting module that keeps users informed while off site, allowing full qualified access to key information for clients, estimates and production jobs. 

IOL gives users fast and efficient access to key data from your smartphone, tablet or office PC in real time. A full CRM desktop gives access to all client data wherever you are in order to everything from generating an estimate to amending job statuses or just sending a note back to someone in the office.

IOL extends Imprint's MIS to authorised internet users for CRM, Customer Portal, eXpert Estimating and Stock Ordering facilities, Shop Floor Factory Viewer, Shop Floor Data Capture and SentinelNet that will give you and your staff the edge you need to meet your customers' requirements.

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estimate Tendering

The estimate Tendering module allows you to create multiple eXpert Estimating estimates very quickly.

Estimate enquiries can be imported from a spreadsheet in to the estimate Tendering module which then feeds the enquiries to eXpert estimating which returns the prices automatically when completed. The details and prices can then be placed in to a document for sending to the client or placed back in to the spreadsheet. 

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Integration and communication

JDF is a technology that allows systems many different vendors to interoperate in automated and MIS centric workflows. While technically it is an XML software specification, it is more importantly and basically a means to allow a PSP to connect multiple vendor solutions to an MIS and to allow a workflow solution for automation and business process models.

JDF is broken down into logical roles (MIS to prepress, finishing, digital printing, web to print, wide-format etc.) Those roles typically pertain to which segment of work needs to be completed, but the result is a standard way to connect Imprint -based job tracking, automation and workflow. This means that Imprint can communicate through JDF technology for job status and much more. Imprint can receive messages about devices, jobs, inventory/stock, and queues, all through JDF technology. Imprint can be used to order consumables when stock is low, and be used to monitor numerous job parameters for accounting and other business process integration.

Many of our customers are surprised to learn that much of the equipment they use is JDF capable. Sometimes it is just a matter of working with our developers to connect the interfaces. It is also something that can be implemented in stages; a PSP can choose to implement JDF only where it makes sense to automate or job track, and not worry about other roles.

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Imprint's wide range of windows based MIS software solutions have become the industry standard for many of today's modern printers. Our extensive product range is designed to fit into every area of your business giving you the peace of mind you'd expect from a world leading MIS. All our solutions can be personally tailored to your individual needs, seamlessly integrating into your existing systems and providing accurate tracking, control and management throughout. Please select a product of interest above to find out more.